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Kindergarten Bouldering Guide

All material contained on this page and any subpage is copyright 2001 and where appropriate is used with the kind permission of The Boulder Lounge. All rights reserved.

1 Innocence V3 sitstart

2 Charlie's Sex Tour V2 sitstart

3 Bubble Trouble V3 sitstart

4 Cut and Waste V4? trav sitstart?

5 Fairy Head V1 hb

6 Grip Master V9 sitstart *** (FA KLem Loskot)

7 Querulaut V7 sitstart

8 Sesame Superhighway V3 sitstart

9 Spanking the Monkeybars V8 sitstart
Also variant start as for 9 but then go left V8 (FA Matt Tait)

10 Spanking the Monkeybars Direct V8 sitstart

11 Haribo Boulder V9 sitstart (FA: Fred Nicole)

12 A horse is a horse V4 trav

13 The Nevin Rule V7 sitstart ***

14 False Profit V2 sitstart