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Hollow Mountain Cave (aka the Rave Cave) Bouldering Guide

All material contained on this page and any subpage is copyright © 2001 and where appropriate is used with the kind permission of The Boulder Lounge. All rights reserved.

1 X-treme Cool V9/10 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
at the bottom of the cave, big moves

2 Easy does it V4 trav sitstart

3 Sleepy Hollow V12/13 (FA: Fred Nicole)
Start at the end of X-Treme Cool and go to the start of Cave Man

4 Cave Man V9/10 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Starts at the end of Sleepy Hollow and finishes on the big flat jug approximately 1m before the end of the ridge up the middle of the cave (ie. at the start of Dead Can't Dance).  Easier if you're tall.

4a Cave Woman / Cave Bitch V12 sitstart (FA: Sam Edwards / Bernhard Fiedler)
Starts at a big pocket in the roof and then some desperate moves to join Cave Man's finish.

5 Cave Rave V13/14 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Follows Cave Man into the crux of Dead Can't Dance and finishes up Rave Heart.  If you finish as for DCD and not Rave Heart you get Eve RÍve V14 (FA: Fred Nicole).

6 Dead Can't Dance V12 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Start at the end of Cave Man and finish up Amniotic World.

7 Body Eater V8/9 jump/lift start (FA: Toni Lamprecht)
Traverses rightwards to finish up the scoop before the start of Wimmel Friedhof and Ogre Thumb.  If you keep going and finish up Ogre Thumb you get Viva Resistance V11 (FA: Nathan Hoette).

8 Wimmelfriedhof V5
Classic warmup or testpiece depending on ability topping out of the cave

9 Ogre Thumb V9/10 (FA: Klem Loskot)
Lip traverse with the start of Wimmel Friedhof and the finish of Rave Heart.

10 Rave Heart V8 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
The very popular cave classic - start MATCHED! on the big triangular pinch and top-out.

11 Amniotic World V9 sitstart (FA: Julian Saunders)
Start as for Rave Heart but top out as for Wimmel Friedhof.

12 Extended World V10 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Start matched on the furthest out to the right sloper right of Rave Heart and top out as for Amniotic World.  If you finish this one as for Rave Heart you get Extended Heart V9 (FA: Tim O'Neill).

13 Project

14 Project

15 Silverchair V5 sitstart
Finish matched on big sloper

16 Krusti V9/10 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Finish matched on big sloper.

17 Papparazzi V8 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
Tough ...