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The Bachelor Pad Bouldering Guide

by Sharik Walker

All material contained on this page and any subpage is copyright 2001 All rights reserved.

1. The One Legged Cougar V0

2. Free Mahi Mahi V4

3. The Fish V3

4. Red Snapper V5

5. Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny V7/8

6. The Bone V2

7. Chocolate Aftertaste V4
High Traverse

7a. Chocolate Aftertaste V6
Low Traverse

8. Jacques the Potato V5

9. Hot Chocolate V9 (FA: Klem Loskot)

10. Non-Intentional Life Form V10 (FA: Sharik Walker)

11. Secret Gay fantasy V8/9

12. Chinese Nuggets V1


13. Twist & Shout V9 (FA: Klem Loskot)

14. Benelli's Extension V9 (FA: Toni Lamprecht?)

15. Kid Indestructible V10 (FA: Sharik Walker)

16. Madball V8/9 (FA: Sharik Walker)
Start LH Undercling and RH Pocket

17. Madball V13 sit-start (FA: Klem Loskot)

18. Cocktoe V9/10 (FA: Sharik Walker)

19. Stalker V8

20. Buttworth V0

21. Derf V0

22. Fat Neck V1

23. Snowball V2