Thanks so much to Gavin Portier for the original topos. Please DON'T boulder directly off the end of Vista St just below the house, acess, access, access ...


1. Mega mantle V3 sd - Back of small low cave out and top with anything.
2. Hyper mantle V5 sd - Same as Mega mantle but only with the small black sloper.
3. Stacks of lovely easy problems from V0- to V5.


1. Project - From miniscule edges (a & b) leap to the top (c)
2. Jetee Knight V8 - Start on left undercling (a) and small right crimp (b). Up right to better crimp (c) to slope (d) with your left and top (e).
3. Hope on a slope V7 sd traverse - Start matched on sidepull/gaston (a & b), then underclings (c & d) to slope up right (e) and top (f).
4. Hope on a slope V7 - Start matched on undercling (a), up right to slope (b) and top (c).


1. Various 1 move problems from V1 to V5.
2. Swing Thing V9 - Start matched on triangular edge (a), up left to three finger slope (b) then grab the top (c). DON'T jump start!
3. Project.
4. Project.
5. Greenwich Time V3 sd - Straight up starting on small edges.
6. Project.