Den Bouldering Guide

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Guide: not yet

No. Problems: 20

Grades: V0- to V9

Angle: steep

Eliminates: all

Top outs: none

Location: Park on the Wakehurst Parkway in Frenchs Forest where there are a few white posts to mark a drain and where a power line access track goes up the hill to the east.  It is about 500m before the intersection with Dreadnought Rd, Oxford Falls.  Follow the power lines up towards the big cave that you can't miss.

History: Rumour has it that Chris Whiting (NZ) bolted a route here years ago but it was independently discovered by Dave and Mike Kellermann and then developed with the help of Tim O'Neill.

Ethics:  The most obscene graffiti from the local kids has been cleaned off by Dave and Mike Kellermann and Tim O'Neill but why not have a go cleaning some more off yourself.

Problems:  There are various problems at the left end with a V7 dyno problem and a superb high-ball called Kyle's Rule V6.  Just next to the kangaroo graffiti is Romper Stomper V9 which has been done from the scoop and out to the right.  The two moves of the sit-start have been done but were never linked into the finish and this entirety is an open project at about V11 or 12?  Further to the right is a leftwards traverse called Fight Club V10 with a heinous under-cling move to start.  The standing start out the roof above this is Hi Sylv V7 and it has been done from the middle of Fight Club at about V8 or 9?  Fight Club into High Sylv is also an open project about V11 or 12?  Further to the right again is another leftwards traverse that goes to a painful slot around a lip.  No name but about V6?