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Trackside Bouldering Guide

All material contained on this page and any subpage is copyright 2001 and where appropriate is used with the kind permission of The Boulder Lounge. All rights reserved.

1 Some Days you Bore V2
start at jugs trav L and up 1

1a SomeDays you Score V4 sitstart
sit at arete and up R to mantle

2 Some Days You're A Whore V3 sitstart trav L

2a Check your Traps V1 sitstart go R

3 Shattering Dreams V6 sitstart
up on gaston through scoop to slope and R

4 Wiggly Boy V3 sitstart
start in crack and up

5 Paranoiac Critical Town V3 sitstart ***
blunt arete

6 Breakfast of Champions V6
up R from small slopes

7 Premium Port V3
Up L from mono

7 Hard Right V3
Up R from mono through edges

8 V0 sitstart
start R of tree

9 Lessons in socialism V5
good edges to a layaway

10 Cardigan St Massacre V7 sitstart
start under the boulder

11 V5 sitstart
start on edge and undercling

12 V2 sitstart
harder variant goes left into high corner

13 Media Construct V3 sitstart
start in pocket and traverse L to 5

13 The Animator V4 sitstart
from pocket go up L

13 Sick Nutter V5 sitstart ***
start in pocket then R and up seem.
just to the right of sick nutter is a V8.

14 Waxing the Screen V0 scary
RH of big slab

15 Surfing without a mouse V3 scary

16 The Masturgator V3 scary
up LH arete

17 Bolt Torque project sitstart
R tilting break and edge to double pocket and up

18 The Bolt of Old Regret V6 sitstart
from opposing layaways up arete

19 Highway to Avdell V2 sitstart
RH undercling and up

20 Faulty Bolty, Mr B. V5 sitstart
shallow pockets R of rock

21 V3 sitstart
go R into black and up

22 Reacharound V2 sitstart
dyno from low edges to pocket

23 Child of Love V2 sitstart
match in horizontal under arete and up

24 Ignorance Rains V3 scary

25 Sexy as a Turd V2 scary
go R and up on jugs

26 Ministry of Love V6 sitstart
start at chalky sloper at R side of cave. Hard R and up seam

27 V6/7 sitstart
from L side of cave, go up and R around prow to easy top out

28 Naprosyn V5 sitstart
LH edge to overhead gaston and up

29 Voltaren V5
up through loose jugs

30 One Flash and you're Ash V1
large crack

31 Something's Burning V4

keep going up the path and you might find a large boulder with a hard steep problem by Dave Jones - apparently v10?

32 100 Pint Club V9 sitstart (FA: Klem Loskot)
big move to small edge

33 2 Can Sam Club V6 (FA: Gav Portier)

34 V3 sitstart

35 V2 sitstart
go either L or up R

36 V4 sitstart scary

37 V5 sitstart scary

38 dyno ??

39 dyno ??

40 Left El Westwood V9 sitstart scary (FA: Paul Westwood)
hard up and L over boulder

41 V4 scary
L past trees and finish up 40

keep going left and there are quite a few more boulders with some great problems including "The Peregrinator" V3 a fantastic highball arete, further along some good problems have been done including a great traverse by Sharik Walker at about v5.