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Lower Clicke Bouldering Guide

All material contained on this page and any subpage is copyright 2001 and where appropriate is used with the kind permission of The Boulder Lounge. All rights reserved.

1 V0 sitstart

2 V0 sitstart

3 V1 sitstart

4 The Battle of Tetuan V3 sitstart

5 Pantom Cart V6 sitstart

6 Unreal V3 scary

7 Autumn Cannibalism V2 scary

8 Spot the rhino V0 sitstart

9 Nose Me Well V0 sitstart

10 She'll be right V1

11 Two Slopes V1/2 sitstart scary

12 No Worries V3 sitstart scary

13 Good as Gold V1 sitstart scary
right, then up slopes

14 Bold and Old V4 sitstart
r trav to top

15 American Dream V5 sitstart scary

16 V0 sitstart

17 Jap Crap V3
ends at mantle

18 Only a Slab V3 sitstart scary